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Sailing a regatta: A well deserved team building at its best

After a welcome dinner & drinks in the Moxy Hotel in Sophia Antipolis, where we enjoyed delicious finger food and French wine, the Paragon team turned into a sailing crew for a day on the 1st of June 2023.

And we couldn’t have wished for a better way to get to know each other away from the office, at the French Riviera on a classic sailing boat in the midst of the Regatta “Les Voiles d’Antibes“. During our team building we were able to train teamwork and collaboration, leadership development, communication, trust,  problem-solving and adaptability.

Sailing a regatta requires effective teamwork, communication and collaboration. It helps team members learn to work together towards a common goal, coordinating their actions and making joint decisions. Team members must communicate clearly and efficiently to coordinate maneuvers, adjust sail settings, and respond to changing conditions. This strengthens their ability to communicate, trust each other, and rely on one another’s skills, expertise and support.

After a beautiful day at sea, we finished the evening with tapas on the boat in the harbour and returned home with more or less discrete sunburns, but big smiles on our faces about the great adventure we had been invited to. As we have recently grown as a team, these two days were important to bring the team closer together on a professional as well as on a personal level. We are now more ready than ever to tackle the challenges ahead of us and continue pushing Paragon to the forefront of the sustainable mobility revolution. We are excited for the second half of the year and can’t wait for what is ahead of us.

THANK YOU to our founders Jean and Yann for inviting us to this great trip and for making this unforgettable day possible. Thank you for trusting in us as your team to help making your vision become reality.




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