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About us

Paragon Mobility vision. A smart energy ecosystem, where electric vehicles are powered by renewable energies and surplus production is stored in battery storage units to balance the grid.

We have dedicated our careers for 20 years to making the energy transition not just a rhetoric but a reality.

A technological and economic reality that works, saves our customers money, energy and the environment and transforms people’s lives.

After having been pioneers in green energy, we now want to transform the mobility infrastructure.

Our team of top engineers, scientists and professionals has over 60 years of combined experience in deploying, operating, maintaining and financing professional power and energy facilities.

Our identity, Paragon Mobility, merges “Paragon,” the “perfect stone,” the model of excellence, the benchmark against which we measure ourselves, with “Mobility,” the industry in which we operate.

The Team

In 2018 Jean Lemaire initiated the vision, founded the company and was quickly joined by Yann Cortot, then Nadia Popova De Coninck and Stéphane Boudon.
Since end of 2021, the team grew from 4 people to 11 in the areas of business and project development, sales and marketing.
Jean Lemaire
Yann Cortot
Stéphane Boudon
Nadia Popova de Coninck
Jean Lemaire and Yann Cortot, Founders of Paragon Mobility, in front of the Nano Pod charging an electric plane.

You are fascinated by what we do and want to join our journey?

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Paragon Mobility Nano Pod charging station at Circuit Paul Ricard

Customised Nano Pod for Circuit Paul Ricard

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Team Paragon Mobility

Team work makes the team work! 

12.7.2023 Sailing a regatta: A well deserved team building at its best After a welcome…
Electric is the way to go.

Charging infrastructure: Service is key

11.7.2023 "All-in-one" EV charging providers will fuel the charging station ramp up across Europe."  (European…


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Paragon Mobility SAS

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Les Aqueducs B3

F-06560 Valbonne Sophia Antipolis, France
Tel: +33 1 84 88 39 32

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