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Our Pods

The DC Nano Pod with two times 22 kW AC and two times 66 kW DC charging stations.

The Pod, state of the art charging, storage and energy management technology

With the mobile and flexible charging station we can provide energy even in grid-constrained sites.
No “one-size-fits-all” at Paragon, but semi-custom solutions, that optimize your situation. Choose your size, color, number of charging ports and speed. You need additional storage or a solar roof extension? No problem. And we work with you on improving your cost of transition.
Charging station display shows the power flows between grid, battery and vehicle. Charging and discharging are displayed.

Transitioning to EV sounds appealing to you, but the scope of the project seems overwhelming?

You need to grow your infrastructure. And we grow it with you. One charger at a time.

Our clients have repeatedly told us how easy it is to start with Paragon:

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Deployable on a temporary or permanent basis. Modular, movable, scalable.

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Equipped with powerful charging stations (from 22 kW to 200 kW).

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Designed and initialized in the factory for rapid deployment on site with little to no work.

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Smooth end-user experience thank to a dedicated app. Availability of charging ports , queue registration and monitoring.

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Optional energy storage. Link between the future smart grid and renewable energy production.

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Environmental attributes: reusable, repairable, recyclable, second life batteries possible.

Sustainability and the reduction of CO2 emissions is a key goal and benefit of the Paragon mission.

Sustainability is key

The Pod is a key enabler of the EV revolution, bringing along significant benefits in the reduction of polluting emissions. Typically, 10-30 tons of CO2 emission per year and significant noise and air pollution can be spared, compared to internal combustion engines. Furthermore, by using recycled maritime containers and having, among others, the possibility to use 2nd life batteries, the Pods are designed at their core with sustainability in mind.

We deploy without civil works, meaning without concrete and in turn with a significantly reduced impact on the ground.

Our overall approach is to optimise everything including energy, design, efficiency and economics. Because optimisation is about making the most efficient use of limited resources.

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Paragon Mobility Nano Pod charging station at Circuit Paul Ricard

Customised Nano Pod for Circuit Paul Ricard

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Charging infrastructure: Service is key

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