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Thank you for this unique opportunity Tech Tour!

We are proud to having been selected to present in Oslo at this year’s edition of the Tech Tour Green Energy Programme! We look forward to meeting experts, investors and fellow players of the industry to stay on top of market trends and expand our network across the field.

Tech Tour, founded in Geneva in 1998, is an independent organisation committed to facilitating European innovation. It realises its goal by organising and coordinating events that provide a platform for interactions between leading entrepreneurs, investors and industry players. It is the largest tech entrepreneurship and investment community in Europe. It engages the most promising tech entrepreneurs selected by the most active investment experts to raise funding and grow through smart partnerships and strategies in collaborative programmes leading up to events. ​These events bring together the entire technology ecosystem of local and global players. In this way, a Europe-wide network is created to stimulate the exchange of ideas and to promote young, dynamic companies.


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