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Le Castellet: A new generation of charging infrastructure at the forefront on Circuit Paul Ricard

Paragon Mobility is a French company that manufactures and operates a new generation of charging stations for electric vehicles called “Pods”. These energy stations have the particularity of charging vehicles very quickly (15 minutes to 1 hour), of being mobile and easily transportable, of being installed with little to no work and of being able to operate without a grid connection thanks to an embedded energy storage. They can therefore be associated with seasonal or short-term uses, but also with permanent needs where the ability to develop the infrastructure over time is important.

Our stations are currently manufactured from recycled maritime containers and re-built to high-tech energy equipment. We also offer design options that make them unique urban furniture objects, and an effective tool for communicating on the energy transition. We offer a range of 4 sizes of Pods, which we deploy depending on the circumstantial needs of our clients.

Our solutions have been received with great interest and success and have already been deployed in numerous industrial environments including for fleets of company vehicles, on prestigious events such as the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc in Chamonix, for large car manufacturer events such as BMW, Renault Trucks or Volkswagen, for the Metropole of Nice Côte d’Azur or on motor sports race tracks, notably in La Ferté Gaucher (Seine-et-Marne) and more recently on the Paul Ricard Circuit in Le Castellet.

On race tracks, we are responding to the growing demand for high-quality charging infrastructure to support the ever-increasing number of events linked to the deployment of electric vehicles and, more generally, the energy transition in motor sports. Thanks to our solution, charging infrastructure can be deployed at any given location on the site, depending on the needs of the specific race or event – be it at the parking lot for visitors or at the track for race cars.


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