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Another great demonstration of Paragon Mobility’s expertise with two Nano Pod superchargers deployed at the 2022 Remoove electric vehicle show over the last few days at the La Ferté Gaucher racetrack. Paragon Mobility provided the charging service for EVs of all makes and types on the road during the show. The Pods served with remarkable reliability several hundred charging sessions representing more than 23,000 km driven and nearly 3 tons of CO2 avoided over the 3 days of the show – we are very proud!

Thank you and bravo to the entire Paragon Mobility team for their tireless work and passion in developing and providing a high-level service for the transition to electric vehicles. Thank you to all our partners and suppliers for their confidence and great team work. Thank you FFAUVE (Fédération Française des Associations d’Utilisateurs de Véhicules Electriques)!

Watch the great report about Paragon Mobility at the Remoove Event done by Mac4Ever: Link:–l2x_ab4

Link to Remoove website:


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