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The Paragon Pod: plug-and-play energy & charging solutions

We are mobile, we execute fast, we solve Your problem – Everywhere.

Flexibility and Adaptability are in our DNA

Paragon Nano Pod: AC & DC charging stations, battery storage, solar panels and LED lighting.
Customisable container Pod, different sizes, different colours. An industrial design object.
Optional battery storage up to 4 MWh.
Optional solar panels.
DC superfast chargers, up to 300kW, 50% charge in typically 15-30 minutes.
Customisable LED lighting for enhanced user experience at night.
AC fast chargers, up to 22 kW, 50% charge in typically 2-3 hours.
Delivering the energy transition seems nebulous to you? Are you struggling to anticipate the growth of your consumption?


With the Pod, you start simply and quickly and adjust as necessary.
EV charging. Battery Storage. Energy management.

Our unique Value Proposition
to customers

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We make the complex simple

Turnkey, customised offer and service
Low upfront investment needed – from € 4 990,-
Leasing/subscription scheme – from € 790,- /month

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Deploying in no time? No problem

Quick and easy: without civil works
Ultra fast deployment: 0-2 months, even for superchargers
Slow-grid and off-grid capability with optional battery or hydrogen storage

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Start small & grow in confidence

Adjust to evolving and growing needs
Reconfigure: we add ports/power
Need a larger Pod? We swap them.

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At your service, always

We maintain
We manage electricity
We handle data and cloud services
We provide other services such as emission savings or impact reporting

Turnkey? At Paragon Mobility,
it is a simple fact.

They trust us

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